About Furnished Homes


I’m Allyson Watts, the proprietor of Furnished Homes, Lexington, Kentucky. 
My property management experience spans three decades.   I’m so excited to announce our  15th  anniversary.  

It seems like only yesterday that we began offering all inclusive accommodations.  We certainly are grateful for properties which reflect all the allure of a vacation getaway.   

Why I started this business.

I decided to offer comfortable linens and fully appointed kitchens to make one feel more at home.    

Personally experiencing poor travel lodging prompted me to offer nothing less than I would appreciate as a comfortable accommodation.

After all, when you miss your home or need a break from it all, the last thing you need is misery.  

My expectations are clean, comfortable and nice.   A place soothing to the soul.  That’s the goal. 


This section under construction

More to come

We have recently acquired another property on the same street.  Come back often to see the updates.